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CSE Uptime Updates for 1990-91

There is information in previous issues of CSE Uptime for 1990-91 which has been superceded by subsequent developments:

Sun Write/Paint/Draw

Sun Write/Paint/Draw does not work under SunOS 4.1.1, the operating system level to which all CSE Suns have been upgraded. Because of the relatively low demand for this product, and the number of requests for FrameMaker, csehelp will not purchase the replacement product, Island Write/Paint/Draw.

Weather Servers

In CSE Uptime v.2, n.3 (March 1991), there was an article about weather servers. Since that time, Alden/Zephyr, the company which provides weather data to the University of Illinois (wxmap) and University of Washington (finger weather-help@stormy. ), has stated that these institutions cannot release any data obtained from Alden/Zephyr without paying an additional rebroadcast license fee.

Until some group at UCSD decides to license this data from Alden/Zephyr, the only weather options currently available at CSE are courtesy of SIO and the Linguistics department:

	rlogin sdsio -l weather
	finger weather@bend
Department Food Coop

The food cooperative referred to in v.1, n.10 (November 1990) and v.1, n.11 (December 1990) has changed names from CCCP to Chez Bob.

Cindy Paloma -- Supervisor, CSE Systems Support Group

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