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Chez Bob Is Expanding

There are some mighty big changes coming to Chez Bob. Thanks to the new lock box, we're recovering some of the profits lost over the past few weeks. In fact, we have enough once more to go ahead with a plan we had been considering for some time now.

When we took over the old co-op and renamed it Chez Bob, we decided to increase the variety of food and drink available, with the result that everyone can enjoy eating reasonably healthy food and drinking fruit juices, or if the fancy strikes, to chow down on some good, old-fashioned junk food and soda. We have always tried to keep an open mind about what we buy, although as many of you are aware, some of the items we try to stock are not always available.

So, with a positive cash flow again, we've decided to make use of some of that profit to ensure a continuous supply of a wide variety of snacks and meals. Beginning the first of April, we will begin installing a small kitchen in the lounge, including a small oven. (The bids from Facilities, Design & Construction finally arrived!)

However, it would be senseless to provide these without a good chef; so Chez Bob will be hiring a chef who will begin taking orders on the eighth of April. This should coincide with the final stages of the kitchen installation. Now, you will be able to walk into Chez Bob and order fresh sandwiches, burgers, and if business is really good, dinners! Currently, the plan calls for lunchtime business only, with a plan to expand into dinners next, and breakfasts last.

Chez Bob Has Finally Come of Age!

No longer do you need to trudge all the way to the Faculty Club or the Rat to buy something besides Calzones and candy bars. Also, Chez Bob will no longer be dependent on the Price Club for the pizza pies that used to grace our freezers. Hopefully, we will have that heating unit by May, so that we can serve fresh-made pizza!

Of course, with the limited space in the lounge, some changes must be made. In fact, the actual sitting area in the lounge will be significantly reduced, with the CSE library and some furniture being moved to AP&M 4337. With some matching funds from GSA Lounge Improvement, we can buy stools and a small bar for the lounge.

And don't worry about the after-the-Comps party! Chez Bob will still fund that! (All we need is a party czar to organize it! Volunteers are most welcome!)

So please use your Chez Bob and tell us what you think of the changes when they arrive!

Chez Bob Carragher -- CSE Graduate Student

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