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Eric Anderson Joins Csehelp

Eric Anderson joins the CSE Computing facility support staff as a 50% Programmer/Analyst. He will be joining Cindy Paloma, Glenn Little, and David Hutches in answering the many software-related questions that are posed to csehelp, in addition to installing and maintaining software, and of course, writing CSE Uptime articles!

Eric is a familiar face around UCSD and CSE. He started his undergraduate career at UCSD in September 1985 and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Since September 1989, Eric has been a graduate student in CSE. During 1990-1991, he served as a CSE graduate student representative. Currently, he is serving as the president of the CSE graduate student association. Eric is also an active member of Chez Bob, the food cooperative located in the CSE lounge.

Eric will continue his Ph.D. studies under the guidance of Dr. Joe Pasquale while working half-time as a member of csehelp. As a participant in the Sequoia 2000 project, Eric has gained considerable experience with the all levels of network and system administration. Other previous experience that will be relevant to his new position as a member of csehelp included programming positions, one of which took him to Japan for 3 months to design and support a business application.

When asked about his thoughts on joining csehelp, Eric replied: "I look forward to taking over Jim Mattson's position, and to forwarding all of the hardest questions to him in Scotland" and "Will I ever graduate?" (Sorry Eric, Jim almost certainly filters his mail! His stay with csehelp was 3.5 years -- your mileage may vary.)

It is certain that Eric's experience as well as his familiarity with CSE department computing facilities will make him an exceptional addition to csehelp.

Welcome aboard!

Cindy Paloma -- Supervisor, CSE Systems Support Group

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